Three dangers of buying a New Santa Clarita Home

Not having your own Realtor

When you first enter a new home center or new builder community, you will see the “sales office”.

Inside the sales office at a New Santa Clarita Home builder community you are going to be pleasantly greeted by the New Home Representative – they are the New Builder Sales Agents.

They are licensed Real Estate Agents. Some are full fledged Realtors, some may not be. Some are nicer than others – but I digress.

Their job is to represent the new home builder 100%. That is their job. To get those visiting to sign up as to prevent them from having their own real estate agent who is on their side.

There is a rule at new homes, if you visit as a potential buyer and sign up for anything, put your name on an interest list, have your name written down by the new home real estate agent, or leave your name behind on a cocktail napkin, you are not allowed to have your own Realtor represent you in the process of buying a new home.

If you leave your name or any personal informationYou have to use the Seller’s Real Estate agent to represent you in the purchase the purchase of that new home.

A perfect scenario is if they had a large posting. (see the large posting 🙂

You may lose money

Your own Real Estate agent knows the new home seller’s representatives lingo.

Having your own real estate agent will be of ZERO cost to you. The new home builders always build in a “cooperative” commission within the sale so you can have your own real estate agent to represent you.

We have been successful bargaining with new home builders. We have been responsible for new home buyer builder bonuses, buyer builder discounts and being able to step in within a home buyer on a fresh cancellation which the new home builder notified us about first, due to our standing.


Resale maybe a problem

This comes up when there are extensive mello roos taxes or a new home development which has been located in an area where people aren’t wanting to purchase re-sale. While this may not be known at the time, it can be researched by your real estate agent.

The mello roos is also something that can be spoken about by your agent, giving you intel related to what type of impact that may have on your future attempts to re-sale.

The upgrades you choose may have you owning the most expensive home in the new home builder community. Owning the most expensive new home is going to put you in harm’s way when it comes to re-sale of the home when time comes.

Guidance by your very own Realtor is really important and will do a great job keeping you out of harm’s way.

Buying a new Santa Clarita or Southern California can be wonderful, you just need the right guidance.

Let me know when I may be of service to you. I’m Connor with New Santa Clarita Homes at REMAX of Santa Clarita. I have a California Real Estate License and will Travel 🙂