Disclosure is really important with new home builders

One thing you may now know – is that some of the new home builder communities don’t tell you what you need to know.

They may leave out important information pertaining to your new home purchase.

One such example is a client that contacted us after buying at a new home center directly from the new home agent, where the new home representative did not tell them the home had mello roos taxes and special assessments.

We are there to represent you at any new home or new builder community at no cost to you. You will not sacrifice any benefits of going it alone as far as incentives or anything else.

We are there for our new home clients and make sure you don’t sign anything without us being present to sign up as your representatives. Don’t even give up your name or email address to register to be kept up to date by the new home center or builder. We will take care of that for you and have the inside track as far as new home information.

Very important. Let me know when you are ready for our new home tour and we will be there for you.