VIP events at New Builder Communities could injure buyers

If you are buying a new home or home from a new home builder then you have been bitten by the “new home bug”. Which is not a bad thing.

However, a majority of our real estate clients want us to be with them during the entire “buying a new home” process.

Our representation for a new home buyer is FREE. The new home builders will pay us a commission to bring and represent our buyers within their new home developments.

There is nothing that is sacrificed by the new home buyer to have us as their real estate representatives.

It’s 100% benefit, having another set of experienced and knowledgeable eyes on the new home buying process. It’s also beneficial from the standpoint of the home builder has their own representative and you will now have your very own.

We always tell our clients that signing up online, signing up during a tour without us at the open house, or simply leaving your name at the new home center can cause our representation of them to not be allowed.

When visiting the new home and new builder community for the first time, we need to be there to register our clients. We have to be with our clients. Some of the new builder communities will allow us to pre-register clients online or over the phone without going that first time to the view the model homes.

Just make sure you have your chosen real estate representative with you during your very first visit to the new home community. 

If you don’t, and still want to use your own realtor, I would not sign anything and just say, “I’m just looking…”, when asked by the new home representative to give up who I am for any reason.

The VIP event and what it means to a new home buyer

In some cases the new home builder will host a VIP, by invite only, event. These are used to target mostly online registrations.

If your chosen professional Realtor accompanies you to visit the new homes in person, is there to register you with the new home builder in person before you went alone, they will be allowed to represent you.

If you register online – you will still be able to use your realtor professional if they go with you in the flesh, together, during the first visit to the new home center/model homes/builder community.

If you have registered online, potentially before the new model homes have been built, you may be invited to an VIP event hosted by the new home builder. This would be their attempt at getting you to purchase without your real estate representative quickly during this 8-10 hour event.

In this scenario, you would be using the same real estate agent who is representing the new home builder in the sales of their home – to buy the home.

Interesting side note, there are several states in the United States which prohibit, make it against the law, for the same agent that represents a specific home seller to represent the home buyer on the same home. It’s Called Dual Agency and may not be best in a home buyer’s interest.

For you to decide and be safe. I’m Connor MacIvor, we have worked with many new homebuyers in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We also have an expansive real estate team and travel to other cities within Southern California to represent new home buyers when they enlist our services.

To use us be on your side when buying a new home will cost you nothing. You will not have to sacrifice any new home builder benefits or discounts which would be applied if we were not representing you.

At the end of the day, having your own agent representing you when buying a new home makes sense.