I make it a point to speak in front of my clients with the New Home Builder's Agent. I want to ask the right questions so my clients are best informed to make the best decisions.


What discounts will the New Home Builder Entertain? What about increasing the concessions amounts? Additional bonuses and contributions to closing costs? Knowing the "bottom" of the home builder helps my clients get the New home at their best advantage.


I am a client-centered new home realtor. I represent my new home clients in accordance with the Golden Rule. How I would like to be represented when buying a new home.


Saving money

You do not pay me to represent you when buying a New Home. The new home builder does. My Service for you is FREE!

Comps - Future Development - Resale

How will the new home increase in value? What infrastructure will add to the value of the new home over time? How will future development affect your purchase of a New Home? Questions that have to be answered before committing to buying a New Home - I have the answers!


Next Steps...

When you are ready, I'll be here underneath the button to the right 🙂