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When you buy a new home, the typical way is you deal with the same real estate agent that was hired by the new home builder.

This agent is employed by the new home builder and has probably worked at various new home communities. As expected, they are the employee and the new home builder is their employer.

Most people want to keep their job and would not do anything to potentially cause them to lose it.

We have a better way that does not cost our Santa Clarita new home clients anything.

You give up nothing, no money, nothing in the way of discounts that are offered, nothing in the way os price reductions or additional upgrades or having credits towards your new home closing costs.

We have personally represented many clients with various new home builders and have bought our own new homes as home buyers. Builders are very different from one another and you could encounter no less than 20 different new home builders in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

My New home expert representation is FREE. Each of the new home builder communities pays my fee to represent my new home clients. I'm there to negotiate, ask the questions and get you the very best deal possible with a maximum amount of discounts, credits, and incentives allowable by me pressing each item with the new home agent.

I ask a lot of questions in front of my new home clients and my service and representation skills are seen quickly as I approach each encounter with more knowledge than most of the new home agents!

New Santa Clarita real estate and home agents
New Santa Clarita home agents

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